We have world-class manufacturing facility for production of high quality PP woven & non-woven fabric/ bags and allied products.

  • 4 units located in Udaipur-India, for the process of Extrusion, Weaving and Lamination, with a combined capacity of 240 Million meters per annum of fabric.
  • Production facilities established on more than 114,000 Sq. Mtrs of land with more than 1000 people engaged in the production activities.
  • In-house testing facilities equipped with tensile testing machines, C.O.F. testing machines, etc.
  • Inclusion of our own warehousing and transportation facility to serve the customers in a better and a well managed way.

The plant & machinery incorporates latest technology in the field of extrusion, weaving, coating, stitching and multicolor printing to provide greater flexibility and cost saving in manufacturing process.
Our in-house research, development & design team is capable of making customized products to meet specific needs of our customers.

  • Extruders (PP Tape Line)
    We are equipped with advanced range of extruders/ co-extruders, based on latest technology with inverter auto-rato cheese winders.
    • Produces very Fine Quality of Yarns
    • High Flexibility to produce different kind of colored yarns
    • European design technology

    Make : LOHIA Corp Ltd.
    Capacity : More than 600 KG/ HRS. Per machine
    Number of machines : 7
  • Lamination Plant
    We use high-technology laminating machine for Woven/Non Woven fabric.
    • The unwinder and rewinder are driven by semi-automatic tension control.
    • These laminating machines have turret unwinder for unwind plastic film and metalize film.

    Make : JP Extrusion Tech Ltd., Dae Kwang Machinery Co. Ltd
    Number of machines: 6
  • Circular Weaving Machine
    We procure and operate on new generation circular weaving machine
    • Circular Weaving machine with six shuttles designed to weave high class quality fabric.
    • Additionally, these machines have an option to produce Anti-slip fabric which can be manufactured on special request.

    Make : LOHIA Corp Ltd.
    Capacity : 600000 meter/day
    Number of 6-shuttle Looms : 224
  • Cutting And Stitching Machine
    We use latest model of automated cutting and stitching machines.
    • The new age machine cuts, bottom folds and stitches the bags.
    • The complete processing is done just from the tubular fabric roll.
    • These machines can carry operations like counting, stacking and conveying.

    Make : Golden Jason Machinery, Botheven Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd.
    Capacity : Over 2000 Bags/Hr
    Number of machines : 8
  • Printing
    We use multipurpose flexographic 6-color printing machines.
    • Prints with better quality and clarity.
    • These machines are equipped with statistically and dynamically balanced rolls and the gears of hobbing cut.
    • The in-feed and the out-feed system of the machine maintain constant tension of fabric for better print registration.
    • Turret un-winder with online manual splicing
    • Efficient and advanced auto tension control system
    • High frequency IGBT corona treatment
    • Online Print registration adjustment

    Make : JP Extrusion Tech Ltd., Starflex International
    Number of machines: 2
    Printing Color Possibility: Print on both sides in combination of colors as follows (6+0, 5+0, 4+0, 3+0, 2+0, 1+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3 ) 
  • PP Multifilament Yarn Plant
    We are equipped with modern technology machines to produce high tenacity PP Yarns
    • Produces high strength PP yarn for sewing purpose.

    Make : LOHIA Corp Ltd.
    Capacity : Over 800Kgs/ day
    Number of machines : 1
  • Twisting Machine
    We use quality twisting machine to produce twisted yarn for sewing and stitching purpose.
    • Very rugged Cast Iron frames thus least vibration at higher speeds.
    • Swinging type dynamically balanced spindles allowing instantaneous start & stop
    • Adjustable ballon breakers-allowing to process wide range of deniers.

    Make : Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd.
    Number of machines : 2
  • Rewinding Machines
    We have assembled our own rewinding machines to maintain quality.
    Make : In-House
    Number of machines : 25